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Late today; should have posted this yesterday. Had some good news over the weekend: my bargain deal, THE DEVIL’S TRINITY, was picked up by ENT, and the result was 122 sales that day. Compare that to an average of one sale every two weeks and that’s a huge result. It lifted the book from about 350,000 in the rankings to 1200. It also reached #34 in the Action & Adventure category. There’s usually a follow on effect, although I’m not expecting too much. The ranking is now falling away as expected, but it was great to see it up there with the big boys.

My latest title to go on Amazon is THE EAGLE’S COVENANT. I will be getting round to some promotion later this week. I did plan a paperback giveaway, but then realised that I can’t because Harlequin Books have the paperback rights for North America. They will be publishing the book in November, so I will have to wait until then before giving copies away. However, I will be exploring the possibility of releasing the book in UK, because I still have the rights there. Just something else to think about.

I have been giving some thought to the way in which I put myself about on the various social networks, knowing that the sole reason for me using them is to promote my books. I think it’s time to consider the old saying: “less is more”. I think I need to bite the bullet and dump some of those networks that I use but never see the benefit. I believe Goodreads is probably the way to go, along with Twitter and Facebook. Trouble is I really only see family and friends on FB. And Twitter? I always feel as though it’s a complete waste of time considering the enormous number of tweets that flow through my account each day, and that’s with about 700 followers. Who reads them? Perhaps I’m doing something wrong. I have used a website called Fiverr. I was able to tweet through them to about 100,000 tweeters using someone else’s tweet account. I paid five dollars and had tweets going out about my book for a week.

I’m now working on another book. This will not be a thriller, but as I am under contract to my publisher, she will get first refusal once it’s finished. I’ll leave you all guessing as to what kind of book it will be. All I can say at the moment is that this is one that I wrote several years ago but never offered it up for publication. Even now I’m not sure I’m doing the right thing. I dropped all my latest research and 30,000 words for a thriller set in Mexico because I couldn’t get this novel out of my head. And being a writer, as most writers will know; once you get an idea stuck in your head, and it won’t go away, you have no excuse but to get it down on paper. So, maybe this time next year I will have another title to publish on Amazon. Wish me luck!

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