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Well everyone, Chompy is here waiting your review...I must thank everyone involved Friends and Gypsy Shadow Publishing ...

They have a very special friendship; one so important he is willing to brave the unknown perils of the Pentacle Forest if there's even a chance to save her.

Friendship is but an unfulfilled dream for many. Each of us seeks a wonderful friend to share our dreams and world with us. Love is the glue that bonds our world together, though as we get older it can lose the adhesiveness as we face the many facets of life. Not so with children for their faith is insurmountable, their imaginations, boundless.

Within the pages of Chompy, two children face a harsh reality, torn by Anna's sudden illness. Mike and Anna have a special forever friendship many never know, a friendship that leads Mike into the darkest, most frightening reaches of the Pentacle Forest in a quest to find the mystical Chompy and save his beloved Anna.

Can Mike save Anna? Is Chompy real? Only one-way to find out…Read the first book of the Chompy series, coming soon from Gypsy Shadow Publishing,

if you like this book Chompy you'll love the trilogy Hugs

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