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I’ve grown so weary my Lord, my mind and body have been battered by Satan’s attacks.  I carry the burden of guilt for a lifetime of selfish pleasures.  As a young man how many weekend nights did I seek your face?  When people were having their lives transformed I was numbing the pain with another beer.
The flesh of man keeps running and trying to hide from you, but that race is futile and that finish line is death.  Jesus you offer peace and hope, a life surely to be tested….but knowing in your heart if you’re running the race of life for Jesus you’ll always be a winner.
The world offers a ‘quick fix’, a easy way out of your current problem, but the finished product is worse than the original.
The Bible says if you’ve had a taste of the things of God and you choose to return to the world, what will come upon you will be far worse.  Like the dog that returns to its vomit, I’m living proof….make an oath to God and he will come to collect!
Prayers….humble, contrite, repetitive, I know you’ve heard them Father, you heard them before I uttered them.  I wonder daily how much can someone’s mind and body withstand?  You tell us that we’re not given more than we can endure.  When you’ve reached a place where life is merely your next breath, where joy is a distant memory, the sunny days seem cloudy….you cry out to the only one who holds the answer, your deliverance, your peace….JESUS!  Lord has the life I’ve lived somehow been so terrible that my answer for peace has slipped through the cracks on your altar?
I know the journey of life will eventually help us  reach  God’s pre-planned destination for each of us.  All the kicking and screaming won’t in anyway alter God’s course of events.
So when you think you’ve reached the end of your rope, look up and I’m sure Jesus hand will be stretched out to grab hold. Yes life is tough, no it’s not fair, but keep telling yourself that the God of the universe planned it and I believe he’s still calling the shots.  HOLD ON TIGHT, HANG IN THERE FOR ALL YOU’RE WORTH, BECAUSE THE FINISHED PRODUCT SHOULD BE PRETTY SPECIAL!

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