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What do you do when it feel as if the whole world is upon your shoulders? What can you hold on to, when you have numerous problems and they are causing you to sink faster than quick sand? Do you ever ask yourself, “Why does it seem like I am the only one that is going through rough times and everyone else appears to be having it easy?

Many of us have heard the song, Trouble don’t last always. But when it comes, it seems as if it will never leave. We go to church each Sunday and hear the preacher say, “To count it all joy.” When we hear this Bible verse, to us it’s just another saying to make us feel better about the situation that we are in. They repeat these powerful words hoping that we allowed them to penetrate into our minds. To count it all joy means that there is someone bigger than us that are working things out behind the scene. No, we may not know what tomorrow will bring, but He does. Trouble don’t last always, things happen in our lives to shape us into the person that God meant for us to be. If a little rain does not fall in our lives sometimes, we will never fully learn how to enjoy or appreciate the sunshine when it comes out.

To count it all joy, will teach you how to be thankful, because there is someone on this earth that is going through something worst than you. Sure, it doesn’t feel good when bad things happen in your life, but it will teach you how to stay on your knees, which is the position of humility. People are losing their homes and lives due to natural disasters, diseases, and paralysis, while you complain that life is not fair, because you cannot afford to buy material things. Although you may not have these things, count it all joy that your family have a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, shoes on their feet, food on the table, in good health, and most importantly have a peace of mind. There are many that do not have these things, but can still count it all joy, because they know in whom their joy comes from and it’s not in material things.

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