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Let's hear it for the little guy!  Yesterday I received news that the fine against which I appealed was downgraded to a caution.  Here's one in the eye for you, you miserable rats from the Highway Patrol.  Yep, they issued with me a fine after telling lme I had gone through a YELLOW light when I still had plenty of time to stop (I was turning a corner).  One of them said I applied my brakes when turning.  Well, yeah, I didn't want to take the corner like a hooligan, that's why.  The crab who issued me my ticket said, 'You can take it to court if you like, but we've got  you on tape.'  I felt like responding, 'Oh yeah?  Well, I've got footage of your mother with the family dog on tape.'  I didn't.  Discretion is the better part of valour, and all that.  Having worked in the legal industry for most of my adult life, and having family members and friends who are lawyers, I felt like telling him I had lawyers coming out the wazoo, so to shove that up his arse.  I appealed against my penalty and fine, and instead I've been 'cautioned' and I don't have to pay $344.00.  This feels mighty good.


Tonight, I was watching a film clip of the Sweet.  I called my six year old over and explained this was Mummy's favourite band when she was a little girl.  He watched for a while, and said, 'Mum, Justin Beiber just sucks.  That song of his is so stupid.'  Now, I don't want my son to turn into a churl, so I said, 'He's very talented, can sing, and worked to get where he is, so we must respect that, even if that song does make my ears want to jump off the side of my head.'  I guess I want to him to respect other people's talent and not just knock people.  I think Mariah Carey is a fantastically talented singer, but I just done like the material she does.  Still, she sings better than I ever will, that's for sure!

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