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“Deadly Blades of White Ivory”


Gregory V. Boulware



Anger, racism, and greed are exposed among the highest order. Philadelphia Police commanders are placed under tremendous strain to control its inner city workings to quell this evil overshadowing of the town. One Black Cop and the Native American Ranger are in the battle of their very lives and careers with the confrontation of white apprehension in the capture of the killer.


''We were sitting there concentrating when, a few seconds later, he pops up right in front of us, about 10 yards away and he was coming toward us,'' A tracker said. ''I don't know if the wind was in our favor or what. We were dressed in camouflage. It might not have seen us.''

''I put the scope on him. I wanted to hit him in the chest, but all I could see was nothing but head!


“Shoot! Shoot!” said Murphy. ''I aimed for his left eye, but the bullet took an arc and I hit him about two inches low in the side of his muzzle.


''He buckled backwards and raised his head like he was going to howl at the moon, but nothing came out,'' Samuel said. ''I put two more rounds in the vital area, then three more after that. Shit, I hit him with Six total."


The Fairmount Park Rapist became second fiddle to this latest horror in our city’s parkland…where no one is safe! No one is able to control, contain, or prevent the attacks of this killer that stalks the area…save one man who knows the inner workings of the mind of this murderer!


Sally squeezed Genailia almost to the point of breathlessness, and made damned sure his crotch aligned perfectly with her soft but firm posterior. The professor took no notice due to the swift lift and rush from the ground and into a concession stand, away from the gunfire.

Once inside the shelter, she found herself back on the ground. Salestian kicked open the door. The door was designed to open outward. The blow shattered the doorway molding, locks and latches. He then shoved the beautiful professor inside and down to the floor beneath the counter of the booth.

The service window remained open to customers but the staff had flown the coop when the gunfire erupted. She began to take notice of Sally’s intent when she felt his gyrating hips on her ass. The man also brandished an immense erection while licking the blood off the side of her face. The feeling of his stiffness is what aroused her suspicions.


Armed to the gills, SWAT team and police officers swarmed and swooped down on the zoo area. Their attempt at restoring order only made a bad situation worse. The platform around the giant helium balloon caught some high-powered slugs as well. The pings, whistles, and whizzes combined with flying shards of marble and stone penetrated the air. The sharp flying debris made it highly dangerous and volatile for people scrambling for cover.


The ivory white and razor sharp weaponry of the animal came to bear. Its target was easily at hand and ready to be served rare and meaty. The attendant was an individual of considerable stature. He stood 6’ 3,” weighed 2631/2 lbs. and was able to move like greased lightning. The massively built ebon frame once graced the grid iron of Franklin Field. His star position was a first linebacker for Joe Pa’s famed ‘Nitany Lions.’

The star athletes’ speed and prowess allowed him to keep pace with the escaped young-uns; but could not save him from the jaws of death, as wielded by the ferociously dangerous and enraged animal. The beasts’ eye flashed red as its jaws opened wide. In preparation to snap shut on its savory victim, the pointed 7.5x3.1 inch molars swiftly clamped downward. The shrilled scream of the hapless morsel sounded like that of and ear-piercing siren. It filled the air and all of the eardrums in the vicinity.


Mansion Bridge was at a stand-still as was the East River Drive traffic. Nothing and no one was being allowed to move through the area. Traffic backed up all over. Ridge Avenue was being over-run with the over flow of rush hour traffic. Both river drives, East and West, were backed up in the East Falls area of Midvale Avenue into Henry Avenue. The downtown out bound traffic was a mess. The local news on automobile radios reported the traffic mess as an accident in the park. They were not aware of the trouble that was amiss. Emergency vehicles were parked at the spot where the body of Lindsey Irvin lay at the bottom of the twelve hundred ft. drop from the cliff of the Strawberry Mansion roadway and bridge surface. 


Glenn knows everything about everything in the wild, from its greenery to the smallest of animals. Ranger Glenn pointed to something on the ground next to one of the Cherry Blossom trees, a print of something large was present. A few feet away in a southwesterly direction, off the roadway of Strawberry Mansion Drive, another large print was found. One of the CSI Investigators spoke to himself aloud, “What the f**k is this thing?”


The Pennsylvania Mountains was one of the last colonies to be settled in the northern region of the state. The region remained wilderness until pressure from European settlers caused and influx of Native Americans from Maryland and the Carolinas’. Glenn, a direct descendent of the Lenape Chieftain of the Penn and Lenape Peace Treaty, 1682, Chief Tammany who died in 1718, was his great-great-grandfather. His wife, a Huron Princess, reared sons who took over as Chief of Nations along the Delaware Water Gap. They lived in peace with the residents of Stroudsburg, founded by Jacob Stroud in 1799.


The villages of the mountains raised buckwheat and rye, a big crop with potatoes, maze, oats, cattle, sheep, and hogs. Chief of his village as well as Chief of the Northeastern regional Forestry and Parks Services, Ranger Captain Glenn; like his, people are also members of the Northwestern Indian Confederacy in the Mountains of Pennsylvania, New York, and Canada. The tribal members are The Cree, The Creek, The Ottawa, The Seminole, The Huron, The Cherokee, The Algonquian, The Ojibwa, The Shawnee, and The Lenape Nations. Glenn continues his leadership in the protection of his people, their land, their tribal beliefs, and their heritage. Glenn’s mother was of Creek/Seminole descent while his father was the Tribal Chief of The Shawnee-Lenape (Munsee-Minisink) of Ontario Canada and the Poconos.


They took the Black Man to the hospital were his injuries were treated. A gang of white men broke the window in the main hallway, corralled the police officer guarding him and dragged the Black Man from his sick bed to the Sarah Jane Newland Farm just to the right of the road and almost directly opposite the farmhouse. In a grass field about fifty feet from the road, they gathered dried Chestnut Rails and old fencing to build a fire. It took all of three minutes to get the fire up to a height of ten feet or more. They asked him if he had any last words…he didn’t. He was then thrown into the fire.


Great-Great-Grandpa continued on with the graphic details. “The sickening smell of burning flesh permeated the air. Folks came from all around to see and take pictures of the burning Black Man. They laughed and drank liquor. Their children had fun too. This all happened on or around Saturday April 12, 1911…we packed and moved to Philadelphia.”


The city is gearing up for a major visit from the ‘Vatican’ in the fall. The massive fallout of visitors and followers threaten complete and utter gridlock throughout the town. This major event was thought to be trumped by the ‘DNC’ convention that is sure to shut-down the city and create traffic fallout of nightmarish proportions. The catastrophe at the Philadelphia Zoo was no shot in the arm for peaceful and trouble-free contentions. Rocky’ made his mark at the very same spot the ‘Pope’ is making his ascension to the podium for the mass commemoration throughout the commodious accommodations for the passage of blessings; touching all the people. Two investigators are assigned to cure this killing cancerous attacker from spreading its evil intent, in this virtual garden and smorgasbord of fresh fleshy meat to eat! Witness the terrifying events as they unfold…Glenn and Samuel along with Philadelphia’s citizenry, its counsel leaders, and mayor on one of the most thrillingly dangerous and deadly missions to serve and protect. Gerald Glenn and Willis Samuel are faced with one hell of a dilemma when a juggernaut on a rampage erupts in blood; ‘Fairmount Park’ and The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection!”


Til Next Time…







The Free to Read Series:


Remembering and Honoring: ‘Julian Abele,’ the Architect of Philadelphia’s Art Museum and Structures Along the Parkway – ‘Fairmount Park!’





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Remember the Massive Fire at the Philadelphia Zoo?

At 12:40 a.m. Sunday, the guards returned and found flames on the roof. Fire and zoo officials pinned the blaze on an electrical...



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