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Did You Ever Get to Close to the Subject Matter of Your Novel?

I am writing a novel about the effects bi-polar disorder has on the children in the family where one parent has the condition. My main character is a ruthless reporter who hacks at what she believes is the truth no matter who she hurts or how she gets what she wants. Basically, she is masked in the pain of her childhood, living with a mother who is bi-polar and a father who could no longer cope with the situation leaving her to an uncle to be raised. The main character has poignant and sometimes violent flashbacks to her childhood until she is redeemed through God's grace and a book that lead her there given to her by a co-worker.

The parts of the story need to be explosive and heart wrenching while weaving in true facts about this horrible condition that not only causes the patient to suffer but all those associated with it.

Writers block happens because its such a tender story of redemption and forgiveness as well. I started writing the book to help people realize that there is healing and forgiveness, there is mercy in God's arms for all involved and life can be beautiful again.

I guess the struggle is dealing with the issue since I was a child of a parent with thise condition. While the events in the story are fictional as are the characters - the storyline is true to form.

Right now I am at a bypass, do you ever get to close to your novel you can't keep going but you know you have to because people will benefit from it?

My first novel dealt with a daughter's desire to be a missionary, but doing what made her family happy risking her own happiness for their sake. My second novel dealt with tragedy, fear of relationships and the love that can change a lonely recluse into a loving person ready to face with life has in store.

Both books received rave reviews, hopefully I will get past this block - what do you think?

Angela T. Pisaturo

Christian Author

aka The Character Creator

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Comment by Sarah Garris on July 12, 2010 at 10:07pm
Hi Angela,

I can only speak from my own personal experience, and my advice would be to be kind to yourself through this period where you are feeling blocked. Then, when the time comes, go deeply into your subject matter and dredge it all up from your soul. Not only will this authenticity show through in your writing, but you may find yourself healing yourself of energies you thought no longer plagued you.

Wishing you many blessings on your journey.

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