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Different Colors, Same Fragrance

The symbol of Love and Romance, a Rose

Grown with passion, it represents for all

Beauty of a single flower, touches us in any language

Laid on a coffin or presented to a potential love

A gift of little that means so much

Such a powerful symbol of Love

She was the beauty everyone loved to pick

Buds that bloomed to enjoy

The fragrance of her presence, would overwhelm

Never simple to grow, but the easiest to love

A stem of beauty and a heart to match

One to give, thousands will never match

She is the elegance of a gesture

The promise of love

Hopes encountered with every touch

Pedals of Love, and thorns that protect

The Plant or Soul, to convey

An essence of Love and Warmth

The flower afraid to pick

Knowing it's beauty would fade

Added to GODS garden, She's the missing Rose

To be wished for and wanted by others, is my SISTER


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