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Dreamcatcher- Some of Stehen King's best work

Dream catcher By Stephen King

Overall Rating: Dreamcatcher is when this man’s talent shined.

Stephen King is one of the most over rated authors of our time, I have read some of his works like Tommyknockers, Eyes Of The Dragon, Firstater, The Dark Tower Series and they (for me) ranged from mediocre to bad, well for the most part bad that’s something I could write a essay about all on it’s own. Then I picked up the book called Dreamcatcher and I expected the same sort of stuff I’ve read before. A somewhat scattered brained plot, unrealistic deaths and the suspense that seems to rather bore than scare. Yet when I read this book it was so weird. Here I am a person who typically doesn’t like Stephen King’s work, absolutely loving what I was reading. And I think when he wrote this book, he didn’t have just a spark that grew into a few ideas. He had spark that grew into a wildfire of ideas.

Dreamcatcher (or originally called “Cancer) is a alien invasion story, yet is one of the most original I have ever witnessed. The book focuses on these four friends who have somewhat telepathic powers. They go on a hunting trip. Miles away from their cabin a alien ship crash lands bringing what is called a Riply virus to earth infecting wildlife and people in the area. As the four try to survive though, they find that why this is happening and their powers may be linked. They may in fact have these abilities to stop the invasion but didn’t know it until now.

The story also jumps back and forth from the past to the present showing how they saved a handi capped boy and how strangely he gave them these gifts in return.

Not only that, beyond the alien infection, there is a crazy general who quarantine the area and just crazy enough to kill every town infected or not. So that’s always good.

Before I read the book I(personally) knew some Stephen King die hard fans said “It’s stupid.” “Dumb” “Didn’t make any Sense.” Well they must of read the book with no thought process at all. Every bit of the book had a meaning. (Except for when Stephen King keeps using the ‘I am a Walrus’ lyrics just fill up a couple pages I think) You learn more as you read. You piece together as you read it and go “Oh that’s why” It is very layered and the major plot and subplot lines do sometimes go beyond the text.

So the good. Well this is a word I don’t use a lot here. it’s a intelligent book. Stephen King was genius when he wrote this one. It has heart. A lot of it did because it’s drama between friends in a impossible situation. It has a lot of stuff going on too that blends to together nicely. I mean it was thought. Out. It’s not one of those books where the author threw the ideas in a blender before spilling them onto the page.

The bad. Well this didn’t bother me any but it might bother Stephen King fans. It’s not scary. I know I say that with all books. But I mean if your looking for a book that Stephen is trying to scare you with. This is not it. It is a scifi thriller more than anything else.

But I recommend this to everyone, even if your not a Stephen King fan. Every one should get a chance to read this book.

Four smoothies out of four.

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