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Emily’s main driving force in Compulsion is to track down child abductors and child murderers in order to have them brought to justice. She feels that it’s most important to protect the innocent from the evil in society at all costs. This has cost Emily the opportunity of a normal life with a family of her own, but she feels it’s all worth it when she’s able to contribute to the safe return of a child.

It is absolutely imperative today that parents and guardians know all the resources to better safeguard children. It is important to stay alert, informed, and vigilant about all child safety issues and personal information.

According the U.S. Department of Justice, approximately 40% of all child abductions were victims of opportunity.

Here are five basic tips about how to prevent a potential child abduction or kidnapping:

1. Teach your children to run away from danger. Explain to your children to run away from danger. If someone tries to grab them, tell them to make a scene by yelling and saying that this person is not their parent or guardian. If a car is following them, tell them to turn around and run the other way to another trusted adult.

2. Talk openly to your children about personal safety. It’s important to encourage your children to tell you or another trusted adult if someone ever makes them feel scared or uncomfortable. Discuss safety issues with them. Pay attention and listen to your children. Make your children a part of securing your home, such as with alarms, locks, lighting, and have a family plan in case of an emergency.

3. Be alert and aware to your surroundings. Prepare your children with “what if” scenarios so that they’re well prepared in case of an emergency. Design and teach them “escape routes” in different emergencies. Also, know how to reach the nearest local law enforcement agency.

4. Take steps to secure personal information. Be private and discreet about your family’s personal habits and information. Consider opening a post office box, if you don’t already have one, and registering everything with that address including vehicles and driver’s licenses. It’s important to have your personal bills sent to the post office box or place of employment. Take these simple steps of not revealing any personal information about your family and report anything to authorities that seems to be irregular.

5. Report any suspicious activity or individuals to law enforcement. If you feel that someone in your family has been targeted or being stalked, report this information to law enforcement immediately.

By taking these five simple steps, you are ensuring more safety for your entire family. Remember, you are best resource for your children and always know where your children are at all times. Stay vigilant, informed, and alert. Emily wants all children to be happy and safe!

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