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By Sheila L. Jackson

No writer was born with a magical pad and pen in his or her hand that guaranteed them a bestseller. For most, it has taken years to hone their craft on the road towards becoming an award winning novelist. Evolving as a writer takes dedication, hard work, and an eagerness to learn all there is to know about the art of writing.

Several ways to evolve as a writer:

1.      Conferences

2.      Writers Workshops

3.      Joining a Local/National writers’ group

4.       Reading/Researching: will help determine the type of books you would like to write.

5.       Rejection: it doesn’t mean failure, but a teaching tool to help fine tune your writing skills and get you on the road to professionalism.

Most writers become disappointed and ready to pull the plug from their computers when they are unable to keep up with the times. If pursuing writing as a career─ change is a must─ it’s part of a writer’s growth. To get your created juices flowing again and that burning passion you once had:

1.    Learn what type of books people are reading and writing.

2.    Read! Read! Read! Books in and out of your genre. You’ll be amazed at how they spark new ideas and creativity within your own writing.

We all have been there, starting off strong only to run out of gas before completing our manuscripts, due to negative feedback. Don’t despair! Regroup and start over.

Don’t fret, if the critique group doesn’t fall in love with parts of your story. Be ready to make the necessary changes to get your manuscript polished and ready for submission. 

Change is a dreaded word for most, but if you’re planning to make writing a career choice─ it’s inevitable. Your readers are evolving and so should your writing. Advancing as a novelist is a good thing. Without the bumps and bruises along the way, you will never reach your full potential. Writers are constantly transforming as a caterpillar does when turning into a butterfly. Embrace the metamorphosis process, because in time, your writing will fly off the pages and develop into something beautiful.

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