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Excerpt from Laura Irby(introduction) 'Your Life's Moments & Your Inner Corridor' -not released yet-in progress writing

You are a millionaire of time.
You have been given a wealth of time.
You only pass through this moment in time just once, and never again will you have this moment, how do you live your moments?
You have only one chance to make a great impression on that one phone call, one letter, one introduction, one evening, one morning,- one moment-how do you act?
You will only be in that place for that one time-wherever that ‘place is’ –whether it be at an airport, on an airplane, in the grocery store, at the gas station, in a psychiatric clinic, in a prison, at a school-or wherever you are right now-it is your only moment in time to make a difference-what do you do?
Call it a second.
Call it time.
I like to think of every passing second of time as a priceless moment given to me as a gift from my Creator. A moment is a gift given to me, therefore I must be a good steward of the moments that have been gifted to me.
What will I do with that gift-the gift of a moment?
Will I complain during that moment? Will I get angry? Will I get frustrated with a client or yell at my husband?
Will I be sad or choose to frown?
What will I do with the gift-the gift of a moment?
Will I choose to smile? Will I make a difference in this moment?
Every moment passes to the next moment so suddenly, so quickly, so-permanently. The moments we have been given on this earth pass. Tomorrow becomes yesterday quickly.
We have not any idea when we will have our last moment. If we did, wouldn’t we act different?
However, we all live our lives, moment by moment as if we are invincible. We are not invincible-newsflash.
We are all dying.
Sorry to break it to you but that is the truth. We are passing by, passing through, and all of our moments pass-quickly.
If somehow, we can grasp this fact and really believe it in the deep core of our soul, our inner corridor, we would all choose to live our moments different. How we live comes from our inner corridor-the secret place.

We all have a choice how to live our 31,449,600 moments of life.

Yes, that is precisely how many seconds there are in a year. Millions of seconds we have been given, as a gift, to walk on this planet earth and make a difference! Isn’t that an incredible, delightful thought?

Why do I think of these seconds in our lives as a gift given? I didn’t create seconds, minutes, hours or days-someone else did. I was just born here and have received the moments. They were created long before I was ever born on the planet earth. Time isn’t something I created therefore it has been given to me to receive it. When I first came into the world I opened myself up to time and received time. If you receive something from someone else that something received is known as a gift.
I have come to the conclusion then after hours of pondering and reflecting on this new revelation of mine that –a moment given to us all is a gift from God. How will we spend our moments?
This concept in me has developed over time and finally I am now able to pin point what it is I have been feeling since I was very young. Time is priceless. More than that are the moments-the fleeting seconds that pass by so quickly-that if we blink we will miss them and how precious they are.

When I got this reality deep in my core of my belief system, I was walking down to my washing machine to throw in some laundry and I thought about the fact that the steps I had just taken in my life had already passed! The goodbye kiss I gave to my husband earlier this morning, gone, vanished, like the wind. The phone call I had with my Aunt Pat an hour before, gone, disappeared, forever-that phone call will never return!
As I write these words three seconds have already passed!

Each step we take is like a second passing by in our life.

As I walked back up the stairs, my eyes faced the black apple shaped clock hanging above the entry way to my kitchen. I paused, breathed deeply, and watched the hand go around. I listened to the sound of Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. As I stared at the clock and listened to its heartbeat I saw my feet walking forward towards the clock to the beat of the second hand. Tick, step, Tock, step, Tick, step, Tock, step. I began to walk with the heartbeat of the clock.
As I walked to the beat of the the clock I began to feel time deep within the core of my soul.
I felt time disappear quickly. I saw moments in my life flash in my mind-precious moments, challenging moments, moments of hardship, trial and pain. I saw joyful moments and compassionate moments. I saw heartfelt moments, blissful moments, courageous moments, inspiring moments, motivational moments, and began naming each moment in my mind.
I began taking steps around my dining room. I counted, watched the clock, listened to the heartbeat of my soul, and the heartbeat of the clock and said out loud, “One step, one second-gone, vanished-never to return that second in my life over forever!”
How quickly it passed! How must we live our lives?
I then got out my calculator and calculated out how many seconds there are in a year.
After the amazing revelation, “We are all millionaires!” I got excited thinking about how I would choose to live my life from this second forward.
I’ve made some bad choices in my moments in time.
As I reflect on yesterday-I am praying with each moment of my life to live my moments with more compassion, more motivation and more inspiration.
As I write these words it is my hope, prayer and thought that you will be inspired, motivated and moved to compassion by reading this to live your moments of your life in a life giving way.

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