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Excerpt from Realm of Hope
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Prologue - Science Fiction or Truth?

Here in 2008 there are many concerns. War, Cancers, uncured diseases, vices that are killing our people. Smoking, Drinking and overuse of drugs are our worst addictive vices that cause many early deaths. There is over population, corrupt governments, leaders who do not care about their people wellbeing.

There greed of power and money outweighs the country's needs for cures of many devastating diseases. The cut of the budget for Medicare holders is catastophic where supplemental insurance cannot be afforded and many end up with terrible credit and bankruptcies.

Poverty, recession, roads to depression, homelessness and a rise in the manic depressed an suicides is on the rise.

I fear that Global Warming is going to eventually cause disabling floods and bring our planet back to an Ice Age.

The average life expectancy presently has been lowered to 45-85.

Second-hand smoke has been proven to be just as bad as smoking yourself. Most smokers have strong addictions and do not realize the threat to their lives and do nothing about it. These unfortunate individuals usually are prone to die before the age of 50 from Lung Cancer, COPD, throat cancer and Acute Asthma.

Many Cancer are uncured. One in every 150 children now is ADHD or Autistic showing major symptoms by the tender age of seven. ADHD children have drugs to mask their symptoms, yet they are prone to lose weight and become Autistic as well. At the time of this writing, there is no research being performed or any cure for Autism. Most children are High Functioing as my own 14-year old son, there are those that withdraw within themselves and become low-functioning Full Spectrum Autistics. The only thing that can be done for them is committing them to special schools and hospitals, using color therapy and special visual and speech techniques. Some of these special children can be brought back into life, yet many cannot.
Our society is slowly killing itself off with pollution from smoking, factories and vehicle emissions into our ozone layer slowly thinning it year to year. If the layer becomes too thin, we will not have any protection from metorites or sun flares that may break off and plummet to our planet.

I fear that Earth is cycling back to the Depression of the 1930's. If this occurs, a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread could rise to as much as $8.00. Banks and major corporations would fail from the falling economy and gas prices could be so high that vehicles are outlawed or abandoned and alternative mass transportation mandatory for travel.

Yet, I have hope that any person who reads my book Realm of Hope will perhaps heighten their awareness of these impending signs of destruction of our society being eminent. This book hopefully will help the reader realize that changes can be made within us. Everyone in our society could make big changes and our future could survive.

From Realm of Hope by Caitlyn Carrington@2008 Publish America
The year is 3010. The last city on Earth is the Realm of Hope. It is comprised of a domed area of buildings with Levels for the survivors of the End of Days from Global Warming that has engulfed the Earth. The Illusionist has gathered the survivors and placed them in the different levels depending on their age, attributes, vices and past.

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