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Experiences of Grace during my Adult Life

I can vividly recall specific times in my adult life when Grace continued to support my actions. As I left my reservation home at the age of eighteen, I decided to fulfill my goal of becoming a registered nurse by attending a diploma school of nursing. It was during this time that I met my husband Ken.

It was fate, or I should say, Synchronicity, when we met during a get-acquainted dance. Ken was a senior at the local college, and he was allowed to attend the activities of student nurses since he was living and working at the state hospital campus. Ken told me that when he saw me, he had a brief vision of him and me wearing tunics by a well. He was my younger brother in that scene. Ken said he knew instantly I was the person he was going to marry. This is such a vivid example of the act of Grace that I call dimensionality.

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