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Face(book) to Face(book) - excellent coverage!

Haven't been doing too much work on my third novel lately (which features some glam rock) but have been busy spruiking my second one. One of my new Facebook friends has told me he can't put it down (although he did put it down momentarily to type his comment!), so that's made me happy. This FB friend is someone I 'friended' through a group about music that I like. I will accept friend requests from people in this group because I know we have lots in common. Yet I will not accept friend requests from people whom I've never liked, eg, my old school bully tried to add me as a friend. I thought to myself, 'What? You can't be f*****g serious!' Needless to say, I've ignored her request. What's she going to do, challenge me to a scrag fight in the dunnies like she used to do to the poor hapless girls at school? (FYI, 'dunny' is an Aussie colloquialism for toilet. Uh, yeah. The place where people void their bladders and bowels. A 'scrag' can best be described as maybe a 'redneck'. That should put it in perspective for you all). The book I'm spruiking is 'Abernethy' and is published through Zeus Publications. It's Young Adult, and a lonely 14 year old boy who's father is in gaol meets a beagle who can speak to him. The beagle has powers to communicate with certain people because he used to be a witch's familiar. It is in no way a Harry Potter rip off. At least I don't think it is. I haven't read Harry Potter. I honestly don't give a rat's ring about the Boy Wizard. The first chapter of 'Abernethy' can be viewed at Read and enjoy (and hopefully purchase, which will enable me to put feed my two children. My children are boys, so they never stop eating).

Had to swim in my local outdoor pool today (it's okay; it's summer here in Australia) because the indoor one is closed for cleaning. I guess that's a good thing, although the water was a little fresh. The indoor one, for a while, was like a petri dish. I can handle chlorine, but I do object to swimming through urine, faecal matter, booger figurals, semen and sputum.

Well, must go. 'Bye for now!

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