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Gregory V. Boulware 


…is here and stalking the woods of ‘FAIRMOUNT PARK. Its waiting to pounce upon its nest victim!


In Philadelphia’s ‘FAIRMOUNT PARK:

Don’t get caught by surprise…look behind every tree , Azalea bush, and shrubbery – but above else, don’t go in the park alone and for God’s sake…stay out of the water!


Police Sources Say:

“The Fairmount Park Killer has mauled at least four people in the latest attack in the park.  A boatload of rowers were out practicing for the regatta when they suddenly went missing.”

“Simper-Fi, Do or Die!”


“So you’re telling me is all we needed is a ‘C-4’ pack and a couple of whirly-bird yahoos to dispose of this beast, is that right Mr. Agent?” Glenn wasn’t even looking at the man. He was looking at the hole and burn scene while his gazing glances took his focused view to the ledge above.

The bomb exploded with a thunderous Earth trembling boom… The flash and whoosh of the after affect caused the gas cloud to evaporate. The heat from the blast cooked the pavement, the rocks, the foliage and trees, the air and everything in a circle of about fifty-five to sixty feet. The blast and burn was a perfect circumference – a perfect and complete circle. Albeit, the blast erupted and expired as planned by the security team, there was no target. It was utterly and completely gone. They couldn’t find anything, not one bone or hair sample.


A National Guard chopper swung in over head. It carried a large satchel. The bag contained explosives…C-4 Plastique. The bomb was much like the one used on the ‘MOVE Compound.’ Move harassed and demonized an entire community in West Philadelphia. Prior to Osage Avenue, the city had a running gun battle with MOVE when the organization occupied a house and mini-fort in ‘Powelten Village,’ also in West Philly, not very far from Osage Avenue. A cop was killed and many of the MOVE members went to jail. The authorities blew up and burned an entire neighborhood, killing several men, women, and children in the offensive assault on the building the group occupied on Osage Avenue. The tragic incident occurred under the administration of a very well liked mayor, a few decades ago.

The order went out to “Blow His Ass to Smithereens!”


They couldn’t believe this creature could not be stopped with bullets fired from the many different highly powered automatic weaponry. They watched as people ran into the boat-house row buildings only to be chased out. The beast chased a jogger into one of the houses. The building was virtually destroyed from the explosive ingress of the giant. He literally disintegrated the A- frame of the structure when he crashed through the wood and glass doors. The entire doorway and wall exploded inward from the behemoth’s charging entrance and exploded outward when it exited with a mouthful of bloody gore. The beast roared and screamed while being fired upon by the valiant defenders. Eye-in-the-sky-one and two were nearly depleted of their fire-power. They had the giant in their crosshairs when suddenly cut off by criss-crossing media helicopters. Four other news-helo’s swarmed in and out as well. The confusing flight patterns interfered with the attack on the rampaging and destructive killing machine down below.


It looked like something right out of a horror movie – a flick from one of ‘Dr. Shocks Double Chiller Theatre’ classics or something spooky from ‘Stella’s’ show.

It was unbelievable.


“Hey you guys, come up here!” “You can see everything from up here!” The boys came running to the cliff in the hillside and climbed up to where Malcolm was standing. “What took you slow pokes so long?” “I should have left you.”      


“Aw shut up, we could’ve beaten you up here if we knew where you were sneaking off to.” Jason was Malcolm’s best friend and classmate. They lived on the same small block in North Philly near 30th and Lehigh Avenue. Lindsey was Malcolm’s cousin. He lived on the block too. Leon was another member of this band of merry fellows. They were usually inseparable. Leon had to go with his uncle to get new shoes. He was not able to make the traditional Saturday morning trek. He complained to his uncle. He even attempted to trick his uncle into letting him go out with the fellas. “Uncle Rue, we can go to the shoe store this afternoon just before dinner time.” “That way, you can make your stop at the barber shop and the liquor store on the way back.” His uncle looked at him with a curious eye and replied, “No.” “We’ve been puttin off this thing for a couple of weeks now, its time to get you some new shoes for school.” No need in waiting til the last minute!”


Gregory Thomas, Eddie Wright, Jean McIntosh, and the brains of the gang, Linda Ann Weston were finally arrested. They were charged with kidnapping and related offenses. The charges stem from the discovery of four mentally disabled adults in a dirty, urine-reeking sub-basement dungeon inside a ‘Tacony’ apartment building. The elaborate but simple scheme was established to steal the social security checks from the victims. With this twist and the DPW bennies from her drugged out kids, she and her cohorts were making a killing – living like kings.


“The Dungeon Queen of Tacony”

The report also unearthed the possible linking of the dungeon queen to the death of a woman who resided in Chester Gardens.

Weston’s son was an infant when his mom was arrested for imprisoning her sister’s boyfriend. She was reported to have locked him in a closet while starving him to death. The siblings were sent to live with a paternal grandmother. The young man stated an aunt abused him and his brothers, when they later went to live with her. The boy also said it was bad but worse when living with his mom.



Fairmount - “The Horror of It All…!” 



Is in the Cloud and Riding on the Wind…

Look for it in October, Halloween 2013


“Bowery of the Crimson Frock and Flesh”

“The Howl Of An Angel”

“Bus Drivers Do It At Their Stops”

“Usurper’s Walk”

and more… 




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Expected Launch Date – NOW! 

I am truly confident that all will enjoy this 'Awe Inspiring Action Adventure Packed Thriller! A Novel of The First Kind! It will leave You Screaming For More!...

(PG - Contains Adult Language and Situations of Violence)



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