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Short blurb: The Box tells the story of Rupert and Lucille; their lives, loves, families, achievements, and failures. Lucille is the last child born to a family of
generationally poor dirt farmers, while Rupert is the only child born to multi-billionaire parents. Rupert and Lucille's paths cross due to a confluence of seemingly random events, and as their business relationship grows, so does their friendship, love, and respect grow for each other. The Box tells how a simple invention has the potential to transform not only their two lives but the story tells how the invention has the potential to change the lives of thousands of people. Where does it all lead, though? Does the invention lead to the good that Rupert first envisioned? Does the invention help Lucille out of her generational poverty? Does the invention help anybody? Or, is the old adage that says, "No good deed goes unpunished," really true?


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