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From The Front Porch: Came This Dawn of America's Son

Came this dawn of America's Son

from humbled ashes i arose
carried forward with neither
bitterness born from an innate
ability to persevere and cope

came the morning clouds of
their mantle of determined
ambition where they came
and placed before me a prayer
wrapped up in the
Audacity of their Hope

from tainted water of pain
once red worn white before blue
i sat at the tear stained
dusted feet of my ancestors
long before they silently spoke
these words i know are so true

till gray skies once concealed
moved apart by passions fulfilled
each sustained by effort tireless
of millions bounded by a
burning desire for change of will

till mornin sun yea now rise
shine your rays so proud
on the day a new wind of
blowin change has begun
let us now move this flag
forward as a nation and heal
our many divisions as one

let our common ideas and visions
of what we need to be become free
hold us together through the storms
we know are yet still to come
for today we break new bread
for tomorrow our work as a reborn
nation must begin to find a new way
to get what we need to do done

let us all arise to celebrate
the long awaited arrival this day
of America's Greatness reborn
for this we all do pray
and the hidden innocence of
Our Creator's beloved Child
shall be the right one
to show them the way

© Copyright 2008 Daton O. Fullard

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