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Okay, this article won’t be exactly about Grace “versus” Faith; it will be more like Grace “and” Faith, as they are intertwined. You see, we were usually taught by our parents to have faith in God during our childhood years when we were most impressionable. As children we learned that there is someone doing things that we could not comprehend and that we should have faith in him. In line with this, we were also taught to do good and to be compassionate to others in order to serve this higher being.

Let me tell you about my own childhood. As a child, the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church were taught to me by my parents, and even though I have little understanding of it, I knew it was important. The Ten Commandments directed my behavior, and the idea of sin and its consequences set the boundaries of what I chose to do. These Christian beliefs actually help connect me with the organization of Grace within my young life, and it aided me in discerning what is right from wrong. More at

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