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Gratitude- Emotion With the least Stress

Most people go to work day after day and there are things that must be completed. Plus there are new tasks being handed out for that day. It can be stressful because there are deadlines and not everything runs smoothly all of the time. So there may be some frustrations or annoyances that occur. This is simply part of business and will occur from time to time.

There are some ways to lessen the stress that occurs not only for a manager but for the manger's employees. The easiest things to see at any business is the mistakes. They just jump out at a manager and that's a good thing so they can be corrected. But time should be taken to see how well the mistakes are corrected when they happen which now turns this to a positive energy. There is also good work being done around the problem that still should be noticed. There may even be gratitude that the mistake isn't a big one or if big that it gets corrected as soon as possible.

The best way to lessen the stress for everyone is explaining what needs to get corrected, fire the crew up to solve what's happening, and then notice when the mistake or problem is getting corrected. What has happening in this scenario is changing an unpleasant situation into a positive problem solving situation with good attitudes. It makes a big difference in how the crew or employee responds.

There is no business where mistakes do not occur, It's much like a sports team that is making errors. Regroup, get all pumped up, and attack the game again. Then have gratitude that they respond to the call and fix what went wrong.

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