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Griots (gree-oohs), my latest book, is a dream come true. A collaborative effort between me and Charles R. Saunders (author of Imaro and creator of Sword and Soul), Griots is an anthology of sword and soul stories written by 14 different authors with illustrations by 14 different artists. Its purpose is to define what Sword and Soul is and present its various interpretations. It's the first of its kind but definitely not the last. 


Grioits is currently available for pre-order at my site, I'm debuting it at Onyx Con in Atlanta, GA on August 20th. It will be available at, Barnes and, and on other various online book outlets. A hard back edition is in the works as well, as is e-book editions. E-book editions will not contain the illustrations. If you have ever been curious about Sword and Soul and you're looking for something different from your standard heroic fiction or sword and sorcery, Griots is the book for you. Thank for your time and patience. Sword and Soul Forever!

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