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Have You Sacrificed Today?

What can I say that hasn’t been said?  My endurance throughout these trials has been sorely tested.  Friendships have been strained and dissolved, but your Love and Compassion has remained constant.  My prayers have been repetitive and your response has kept me wondering. 

You keep no schedule that is pleasing to man.  Who is man to question the expediency of the Lord?  Our thoughts are shameful in you view, on the day of our answering are there any that don’t grieve you?

My heart feels empty and my emotions hollow, God where is my Peace, Joy, and Emotional well being?  Lord I’m not saddened to become old, my sadness is that I was never young.

Idol worship is an abomination to you Father and humanity doesn’t even have the honesty to admit to themselves what they worship.  A Godly nation….hardly, we’re a mere shell of the principals we were founded on.  Our sustaining value is our concerted effort to spread the Gospel throughout the world.

Were you thankful today?  Have you offered God a kind word for your safety he’s given?  Have you given of yourself, has any kindness been shown to your brother today?  Can God look at you this day and say you’ve given me a sense of joy this day?

Did sacrifice enter your thoughts today or were you too self consumed with your habitual moaning and complaining?  Can you lie down tonight with a sense of peace that you gave God the best you had today?

I believe he wants each of us to sacrifice something each day.

Unlike the woman who gave her last coin did your contribution today feel sacrificial?

Cleanse me Dear God, make my thought life a pleasant offering before your throne.  Let every intention of my heart be pure and wholesome.  Try me Father, everyday conform me into the image of your Son.

Defeat in me a haughty spirit and a proud and boastful nature.  May humbleness be my shadow and meekness my constant companion.

May the words of my mouth bring honor to you Father.  Help me Holy Spirit to perform my job as to honor my Father.  I pray that the lies of the enemy be totally defeated and the grip he holds on my loved ones be broken and cast out in Jesus name.

Lord I shall cherish the day when I see your prophetic words fulfilled, that a new era in my life will evolve.

Help me to make a concerted effort to Praise you throughout my busy schedule.  You are my substance and provision.   May love radiate from my life that the hindrance of Satan shall be defeated.  Let everything I do, I say, I think, act and react have one meaning only….to honor and glorify your Holy Name.88888


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