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I have been telling some of you that come to my Gravity classes about my grocery list organizer. Well I have been playing with a user friendly format that I hope works for you too!My healthy grocery list organizer helps me I use my healthy grocery list organizer to help me shop for healthy foods and to help me plan out my weekly meals! You can use this for yourself and your family! This has helped me to create a grocery budget, gives me more time to cook my dinners instead of thinking what to cook, and helps me focus on buying only what I need at the stores and not letting my eyes do the shopping!

This is easy to use! Here’s how…

1. I start with plugging in what I usually have for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, etc. (If you need help with MEAL PLANNING, read my blog on healthy meal planning).
2. I am very detailed when it comes to plugging in the meals. It should look something like this.
Breakfast – oatmeal, coffee, 1/2 c milk
Snack – 1 string cheese, orange
Lunch – grilled chicken, salad, 1 cup tomato soup
Snack – carbmaster yogurt with 1/4c almond granola
Dinner – 3 oz tilapia (add in the amounts so you do not buy more than you need), 1 cup brocolli cooked with olive oil and lemon
3. Then I transfer than infomation over to the grocery list. I have a pre-typed grocery list with my normal staples divided into food group categories: vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy and eggs, etc. Under “vegetable” I will have the normal veggies such as romaine lettuce, onion, garlic and so on. I cross out what I DO NOT NEED. I also have a Miscelleneous section for other things such as seasonings.
4. Then you go to the store and buy what you did not cross out. That way you avoid buying what you dont need and avoid picking up that pint of icecream because you didnt even need to go down that aisle in the first place!

Let me know if you need assistance using this! I have given an example what the finished product should look like. Feel free to delete and fill in your own menu!!

Be Blessed, Be Healthy and Stay Beautiful!

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