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There may not be an industry quite as American as the automobile industry. Last year, when the industry was on the verge of collapse, many people thought we had to do something so save it. However, Clifton Lambreth was already doing something.
In this day and time, people frequently talk about doing the "right thing," but rarely are they interested in risking their comfort zone and what others might think to do what they feel needs to be done. Clifton Lambreth is one of those rare people. After working for over twenty years for the Ford Motor Company, he could no longer keep quiet about the problems going on behind corporate doors that were hurting Ford's financial bottom line, and their reputation of being as American as baseball and apple pie. Risking his job and livelihood, Lambreth put pen to paper and addressed the top issues that were causing the automotive giant to lose their position as being one of the leading automakers, worldwide. He did not just criticize, but wrote how the problems could be corrected. The title of that book is, "Ford and The American Dream."
Clifton Lambreth sent the first copy to Alan Mulally, the current CEO of Ford. "Mulally thanked me for having the 'courage to write the book.' He was keenly receptive to openly discussing issues facing the company," Lambreth said. In fact, the pair have met for lunch at the Fair Lane Manor, the former residence of Henry Ford, on more than one occasion to discuss the contents of the book, and to see how best to implement the constructive, positive ideas given by Lambreth. "Ford and The American Dream" has been a success, and 25,000 copies were recently printed in Russian. The book is of a very timely subject, due to all that is currently happening with the automotive industry.
Clifton has a new book that has just been released, "Return To Greatness - Driving The American Dream." His second book updates the reader on what happened after he sent the first copy of his first book to Alan Mullaly. A screenplay is currently being created from this book.
At every meeting he speaks at, he always receives rave reviews, and many times has been told that it was the best speech they have ever heard at one of their meetings. These are groups who usually meet weekly or monthly, and always have a guest speaker, so they have heard it all. He is professional, as well as personable, and very entertaining. His sense of humor and out-going personality brightens the day of anyone who crosses his path. Not only is the subject matter pertinent to all of us, due to the automobile industry employing so many Americans, but he speaks of truths and gives insight that can be applied to any business, large or small, or even to your personal life. His story really is the Golden Rule in the flesh. Clifton's personal quote is, "Do the Right thing at the Right time for the Right reason and get the Right results; and even more importantly, earn the Right to expect others to do the same!" He has spoken in front of audiences numbering from a few dozen to several thousand. Some of those have included to Chambers, Rotary clubs, Kiwanis, Lions clubs, Civitan clubs, in addition to multiple businesses and organizations. He enjoys meeting people and hearing their personal stories. He would be honored to speak at your meeting. He can tailor his speech to the length your meeting allows.
Clifton Peter Lambreth has worked for the Ford Motor Company for over twenty-five years in a variety of positions. Clifton has been a rainmaker at every position he has held and has consistently been a top performer throughout his career at Ford. He has received prestigious awards and distinctions including five Ford Inuksuk Drive for Leaders Award and has won three Diversity Leadership awards. Clifton has been a Ford college recruiter for over ten years at Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, Johnson Business School and Wharton Business School. He graduated from Thomasville Senior High School in North Carolina having been a proud alumnus of the North Carolina Baptist Children’s Mills Home. He went on to receive his BSBA in Marketing and Management and his MBA from Western Carolina University. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Family Foundation Fund, on the Advisory Board of Lead Like Jesus Foundation and on the Advisory Board for Western Carolina University’s School of Business. CEO of Daniel Bradley Matthews, Inc., he provides strategic automotive and marketing consulting. Clifton is a public speaker and author. He enjoys running and racing and has run Marine Corp Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon and the Boston Marathon and competed in over 150 5K /10K races. Clifton has three sons and lives with his wife and family in Brentwood, Tennessee.
Feel free to pass his information on to anyone else who might be interested in having Clifton speak to their business, group, or club. He does not charge to speak before civic organizations. He also travels nationwide for speeches and appearances. Clifton is currently booking future dates. For more information, please send your e-mail to:
"Ford and The American Dream" and "Return to Greatness - Driving the American Dream" are both available at Get your copies today!

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