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Deborah Stevens Purifoy is a 30 year old mother of four who lives in Doddridge, Arkansas. Deborah has been married to her loving and devoted husband, Alex Purifoy, for 13 years. Two years ago due to some poor choices she found herself in a high-speed major motor vehicle accident. The driver in the accident was incarcerated, a passenger in the vehicle suffered fatal injuries, and Deborah's life was changed forever.
In the accident on May 29, 2009, the muscles in Deborah's lower abdomen were ripped by her safety belt causing a major abdominal hernia which required emergency surgery to implant mesh netting. She also required 60 plus staples and stitches in top back left left side of head due to trama from the impact. Two areas of her right forearm were broken. She also required stitches to close three large lacerations to her right arm and two on her left arm--such large areas of tissue were ripped from her arms that physicians believed they may have to perform skin grafts. Her right hand was crushed and required seven pins to be inserted. Other injuries included a fractured right foot, plus torn ligament in her right knee. The injuries to her lower extermities were so severe that she required medical rehabilitation in order to relearn how to walk.
During this trying time Deborah's husband, Alex, had to take time off of work to be by her side at the hospital and to take on the role as primary care-giver to their four children. Upon trying to return to work as an intern electrician he was laid off.
Deborah has fought a long arduous battle to recovery from both her medical ailments and decisions that led to her being in the vehicle with the individual who caused the accident. She has turned her life around, and is striving to regain her strength in order to be the loving mother and wife that she desires to be.
Deborah did not, and does not, have health insurance. Her husband has since returned to work in a different career path. Deborah cannot return to work. She still sufferes from staggering residual injures from the accident.
Deborah's abdominal hernia has yet to heal--even two years after the initial trauma. She suffers from a very painful seroma, which is a fluid filled sac about the size of a grapefruit. The incision site from the mesh metal implant has yet to fully close, and leaks the fluid from the seroma, plus both red and white blood cells. She has to change her dressing three to four times a day due to the fluids and odor.
Deborah's other surgeries have also left her with lingering issues. She cannot stand for longer than ten minutes at a time due to chronic knee pain. The pins in her hand have all backed themselves out of the bone. Thay have actually pierced the surface of her skin leaving her with no option other than to remove them herself. There is one pin left in her hand that is out of the bone and free-floating inside of her hand. The pin that connects her thumb to her wrist is beginning to also back out of the bone, leaving her with very limited mobility in her thumb and wrist. The movement of this pin has also led to very painful distortion of the joint that is sensitive to touch.
Not having medical insurance, she has been forced to visit the emergency room seven times since her inital release from LSU. Physicians have performed CAT scans, xrays and diagonostic exams. Each time Deborah was implored to have corrective surgery to both her abdomin and hand--yet they refuse to do the procedures. She has gotten nothing but the run-around and hits red-tape at each turn.
It has been two years and no physician will touch her. They all claim she must return to LSU since they were the initial insitution that performed all of the emergency procedures.
Deborah has tried several times to get in to see LSU but they refuse to see her since she has no medical insurance and lives out of state. The only terms under which they agree to even see her are if she pays $250 per visit, and they require several consultations prior to surgery. She is in the process of trying to qualify for social security health insurance but she was told the wait time for that could be up to two years.
With one income, four children, and no insurance this has yet to be a reachable reality for her and her family.
Help Deborah Stevens Purifoy aims to change that for her. We ask that if you can, please make a donation to the account opened in her honor at Citizen's National Bank in Jefferson, Texas. It could be $1, $5, $100, extra change you have laying around in your car... or even your promise of prayers for her situation. All caring, and loving donations in any form will be greatly appreciated. You can call the bank directly to make a funds transfer, mail a personal check to the adress listed below, or you can make a donation here via the paypal account that is linked to her medical funds banking account in Jefferson, Texas.

visit to make a donation

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