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  You have a problem! but..  You think you have it made!   Tonight you are being awarded that coveted sales trophy.  OR, you're speaking to a thousand jacked up students who are graduating with the convictions of youth that they will save the world.  If only they can hear the right 'words'.  Your words!

  Or, you could be heading for that new job as a waitress in the posh new hotel, where tips flow like wine because you smile like a goddess, with promises of many things to come.

  Everyone has a place to be in an hour and a half.  You each want, no make that, 'must', look your very best.  Just to be sure of this future exposure, you head for the bathroom to give your new dentures one more good cleaning!

  All is well - so far - then, whoops!  Your lower denture flies out of your slippery hands!  You make a frantic lunge for it!  One to make a star receiver proud, but it is not your night!

  With what is so much like the sound of glass hitting a brick wall, there is a sharp cracking sound and you watch in horror as one half of your denture goes one way and the other goes into waste basket!

  The sinking feeling in your chest can't be adequately described.  Then panic hits!  Oh no! What are you going to do?

  Just like any good scout was trained to do, you are prepared!  Not so long ago, right after you received your dentures, you saw a 'do it yourself denture repair kit' on the shelf at Walgreens.  Knowing full well you will never need it, you buy it any way.  Just to be on the safe side.

  After all, you haven't needed it before now, therefore you have never opened it.  Why would you.  Heck, how hard could it be to repair a denture?  You have taken a close look at your two denture halves and they seem to fit back together, perfectly.  Not teeth are missing or broken.  Piece of cake.  Now, where are those instructions!

  Opening the box with shaky hands, you find there are several items to be considered in your quest for a serviceable repair.  There is a little vial of a pink powder.  Good.  There is a smaller vial of a clear liquid.  Hmmm. Let's smell it.  WHEWWW!  that's some stout stink!  Placing the cap back on and getting a tissue for your eyes, you proceed.  Look, there is a popcycle stick, a little cup, some plastic gloves, and ah ha.  Some instructions! 

  With great anticipation you open the paper, folding it out so you can view all the words on one page.  You start reading.  It took you exactly two sentences to realize you had no idea what they were talking about!  Nothing was making sense.  To top it off, the english was so broken, you were having a hard time making it sound like english in your mind. 

  What in the world are they saying?  The more you read, the more confused you become.  Holy crap you say to yourself.  You now have one hour and fifteen minutes to make your appointed place to be.

  Absolutely nothing you read is making sense!  The instructions in this kit is totally useless.  They are NOT written by anyone who even resembles an dental lab technician or a dentist!  Or, they have been written by someone with zero basic communications skills.  "Yes Virginia, there are 'some' of those out there."

  Tomorrow, we will continue our travels and if you wear dentures, or know someone who does, I would advocate you printing this blog and keeping it handy.  You certainly are not going to be able to find it when you break a denture and all of a sudden, you remember 'reading' about a solution to your problem.  Trust me.  you are going to WANT to follow this blog.



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