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Here an interview with Jo M. Sekimonyo, author of the book “Cast Away : For These Reasons”

Jo M. Sekimonyo can be best described as a realist, a philosopher of socioeconomic inequality, a humanitarian, and a person that is not afraid to speak his own mind.

Through “Cast Away: For These Reasons: Economic Jihad” he challenges mankind to wake up and realize that evil exists and is taking place right around them. Unless we wake up and change the way we are living our lives, our existence is one that is in danger of being destroyed” (Midwest Book Review).

Here the interview:


What are your pet peeves?

I always prided myself for having rhinoceros tough skin, safeguarding me against absurdity. And yet, if you ran into me and rode the previous rollercoaster, Cast Away: For These Reasons, you probably already know that I am fiercely opinionated and allergic to badly patched arguments. In the face of two major issues that pierce my heart, I am all for the death penalty when it comes to punishing dummies brandishing intellectual sheriff badges who are aiding and abating social and economic injustice. They make my fingers and toes tingle with ire, and I feel compelled to either shrewdly shock someone or emotionally jet away. Foremost, I am elated that my longwinded pieces intersect with numerous self-enslavement abolishment pleas that will ultimately form streams and lakes of insurgences.

Do you have a bucket list?

No. But after exhaling my last breath on this suffocating planet, I plea for thirty three strips of flesh to be torn from my chest then shekkeh. My soul would not rest in peace until my head is served as a feast to five Korowai tribe children, five years of age, while they are being serenated by a blind Danish comedian singing Con Te Partiro, and the ashes of my remains spewed around Cateura, Paraguay.

One of your favorite quotes:

“[…] it is the peculiarity of the human mind that it understands and acts through ideas, because it is very closely tied to the body.”  Anton Wilhelm Amo

Do you have plans for a new book?

Well… between traveling to the most socio-politico-economically depressed places on earth, gearing up for the release of Ethosism in November, and campaigning for Donald Trump,  I am writing another book, “Insomnia”, that should be coming out in 2019…

Where can your readers stalk you?

I recently started to give away chapters of my previous oeuvres on my author website, Like everybody else, Facebook and Twitter accounts. But I do occasionally put away my gadgets and rally against the information obesity that is crippling all of us.

A short presentation of the book:

Fifty Five Shades of Political Economy…. Economic theorists since their inception over 200 years ago, have struggled with the question of how to distribute wealth and continue to come up short. The author is not only criticizing capitalism, but finally has brought to the table, a new thought provoking alternative to the economic cannibalistic system. The author’s unconventional line of attack, will raise your heart rate and make you nauseous. By the middle of the book, you might be searching for a long rope to hang yourself with, thinking that humanity is doomed… but you will be missing out on the spectacular finale. This book is not one more economic liturgy. The author offers a thought provocative remedy to global socio-economic inequality; the rise of Ethosism. – Tara Casimir, Editor.

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