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Call me cynical or call me eccentric but at times I enjoy reading the reviews written by others about my book. Oh how that sounds...self centered? I assure you that this is not the reason why I venture over to where my book is sold to read. I find that it provides a sense of realism for me. I enjoy reading what the readers think and more importantly feel about my books. If I discover that they are feeling the emotions in which I wrote the book then I am elated!

I know that not everyone who reads a book will like or connect with my book. To be honest, I enjoy these reviews as well. What feelings and/or thoughts did the story provoke in these readers? Can I use this insightful information? Of course, an author writes for their fans, friends, family and readers to a certain degree. How the readers feel and what they think are important things to authors.

Mind you, I have my own style and the stories I write are mine as well but the joy comes not only in completing the story but sharing it with all of you; which makes the reviews prepared by others all the more important to me. It is an interesting line we authors walk between writing our own story yet maintaining contact with our readers and fans. It is a line I gladly walk.

What else do I see in a review? I see honesty. I know that some will sugar coat some of their thoughts; however, the feelings that drive the review cannot be covered or hidden. This is refreshing to me. I like to think that I write with honesty. I know my work is fiction but the feelings are real, the situations are real (even though at times built up a little) and my desire to develop a truly enjoyable work is very real.

I want to thank all of you who have written a review for my book. I am simply overjoyed by the positive words said about it and me.

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