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I had a difficult though interesting childhood, and lived a good deal inside my own head, which
could usually be found in a book.   From the time I could find my way to the
Saint John Library, I was a constant visitor. For me, the library was a
magical place - a hushed, warm haven where, through the pages of a book I
could travel to far off exotic places in my imagination. I could experience
vicariously all the joy, romance, terror, tragedy and triumph of the
characters in the stories.  From the first, I was naturally drawn to the
shelves of darker stories, mystery and horror novels.

My favorite authors were Mark Twain (who's scarier than Injun Joe?) Shirley
Jackson, Phyllis Whitney, Charlotte Bronte, Edgar Allan Poe.  So many more.
All those voice telling me stories. I loved the gothic novels with their
secret passageways, creaking doors, cobwebby attics - stories that featured
moors and spooky old houses.  I think that gothic influence is reflected in
my own novels.  Through my voracious reading came the desire to write my own
stories, and hear my own inner-voice rise up the pages.  I still love
libraries, and find it interesting that you can now borrow ebooks from many
of them.   Not near as romantic, but still great.


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