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Books are an asset of the intellectuals and those with an imaginative-mind. Book-reading is not only a pastime but a great resource of knowledge and one of the best of all.  You build your linguistic abilities and creativity through book-reading.The more imaginative-minded you are, the greater is your inclination towards fictional books. Such books let us enjoy our temporary flights of fancy amidst the routine humdrum of daily life. Non-fiction is usually loved by those who like to delve deeper into life’s issues and people’s realities.  There are plenty of self-help books which people buy every day to improve their life.There are millions of authors worldwide, but not all of them are known and read. Some of them go obscure and unnoticed. To get your book known by people everywhere, it is important that the author is not only a good writer but knows how to market his creation.

Book marketing, though looks simple, is incredibly difficult especially in this age where people prefer to glance over an internet article rather than reading through numerous book pages.  An unknown author can market his books in several ways like displaying them in book fairs, book shows, book catalogs, and book exhibit. Co-authoring your book with a relatively well-known author or getting a celebrity to endorse your book is a sure-fire way to market your book and make it reach the pinnacle of glory.  Publicity in the form of press releases is another way to promote your books.Before planning for book promotion, think which audience is the best target for your book. Is it a fanciful book for children? Or is it a thought-provoking serious book meant for adults? Or is it a lovey-dovey kind of novel to which youngsters will get hooked?

There is a lot of cost involved if you want to market you books effectively.  You cannot just yell out to the world that your book is published. You must have a good distributor network, access to libraries, bookshops, and other spots where buyers will throng in large numbers. For international book promotion, you also need to travel, and the expenditures are huge. However, you need to make sure that your returns are equally big; else all your investments may prove to be a loss.The area of online book stores is catching up.  Finding a blogger whose readership is large is key. With book reviews, both positive and controversial, you will never go wrong. With the current trend being Facebook and Twitter, book promotion through these social media tools is sure to make your book popular through viral marketing. Media can do a great job of getting your book published and is considered more credible.

There are several online book marketing tools that help you promote your books through trade fairs and other book exhibitions across the country. And they charge only a nominal fee for entrance. Now, that is so profitable! If your book show gets covered by media, then you are known to one and all. You don’t always need to be an author of the calibre of J.K. Rowling to be successful. With the right marketing tools, you may soon be listed among the best writers.


Amelia Fisher is the author of this article. Participate in the 2013 Book Expo America and grab the opportunity of book promotion in a very unique and special market.

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