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How to Market Your Book During the Hunger Games Festival on

The Hunger Games Festival on is an online book festival for fans of the Hunger Games trilogy with over 30 prizes to be won in 21 days. The festival is being conducted by BookBuzzr to draw the attention of fans of the Hunger Gamesuniverse and showcase the books of our participating authors in a fun environment. If you are targeting the Young Adult, Mysteries and Thrillers, General Fiction and Romance markets this is an excellent book marketing opportunity for you.

As a BookBuzzr subscriber, you can market your book during this festival in the following ways:

  1. Create QuickQuizzes About the Hunger Games

    Create a QuickQuiz about the Hunger Games. Your message (ex: “If you liked the Hunger Games, you will enjoy reading my book.”) will appear at strategic points in the game. Readers will also be creating Hunger Games QuickQuizzes. Your book details will also appear automatically in these games but you will get a higher number of impressions when you create your own games.

  2. Create Hangman Games About the Hunger Games

    Create Hangman Games about the series. Ask readers to guess names, places and words from the books. When they play these games, your book details appear alongside the questions.

  3. Setup a Book Giveaway During the Festival

    You can also setup your book as a prize during the festival. The festival participants play games, earn points and use those points to bid for prizes. If your book shows up as a prize, during this period, they may participate in an auction for your book. And this may translate into book reviews and buzz for your book.

  4. Advertise Your Book During the Hunger Games Festival (and Beyond)

    We’ve also brought back the BookBuzzr Author Pro Plus subscriptions which show your book in the CoverMatcher game, on and on the BookBuzzr blog (see the right column.) This is a slightly higher priced option ($20 per month) but completely worth it in terms of the additional exposure that your book receives.

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