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Into The Fire

Into The Fire

Paris, France. It was the beautiful city of love. A place that people call enchanting. It was the gorgeous city that people all around the world travel to for honeymoons and vacations. But everything about the place offered nothing for me. The world I knew only shattered around me. Like a cracked mirror it was distorted and now when I step in front of one, I held no reflection. With the teeth and claws of this world leaving so many wounds, I could have given up. But I didn’t.

In all of this twisted reality, I found some one from what knew before. She was a friend. Someone who believed me. Then like everything else, she was snatched away from me. She was taken to a place away from here. And rumors had it, that this place was much worse. It was a place she didn’t need to be. It was the place I had to pull her out of. And according to an angel’s word, she will release me form this one as well.

So I leave her in the hospital bed head onto the roof. I looked across it. I looked to a world that is drained of color and only held shades of back and white. Fear rushed through me, but I wasn’t going to back out now. I wasn’t going to let Lauren die. Her body may have been kept alive by the doctors, but they couldn’t save her. Her soul was something that only I could get.

Crows swarmed around me. They covered the roof. They swarmed up above. The birds were a sign that the monsters were heard. The very monsters I’ve been running from for so long. They turned the world around me to darkness and blocked out the sun. They were near no doubt.

I stepped onto the edge of the building and looked down. I saw the city streets. The world would split open.  It would reveal a hell. Something that I have been seeing glimpses of since the day I died. There were the fires and heat. The tortured souls in chains endlessly hollered. It had all of that. And Lauren was down there, and I had to get her back She did nothing get down there. She only helped me.

The street down below started to quiver. It acted as though drops of water were hitting a pond. Only with each ripple, the reflection changed. With each ripple, a little bit of new world was revealed,

The bright red inferno burned down blow. And I could see those demons sinking their claws in the side of the building climbing upward. Like the many times before, they wanted to drag me to hell. And maybe I was going to hell after all, but I wasn’t going in chains. I would be fighting from here on out. Nothing was going to be easy about this. But I needed this. She needed this.
So I took in a breath and then leaped. I leaped out and dived into hell. I went into the world down below and even the devil himself could not stop me from saving her.

Find out more about the Netherworld, in the novel by Samie Foster. Find out more about at Lelue’s Realm. Google it or go directly to the book page at

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