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"Is The beautiful Lady Gone Forever" 2o11 Romance Novel by Author Larry Toombs

          "Is The Beautiful Lady gone Forever" romance novel by Author Larry Toombs, Get it in the USA Today, Now available in France, Rome, Italy,Germany, Spain, & Great Britain, The 2011 best romance novel love story is available in 6 countries, Get your copy of the romantic love story today in the USA,  Gerald lakes approximately 38, mixed guy he's black and white, meets Shelia Williams a full blooded African American lady about 36 years old, the couple met a local supermarket in downtown Montana and fell deep in love, the couple tries to survive all obstacles in their marriage, once the couple married, rumors were circulating downtown Montana, that another man named Ronnie sanders Fathered the couple's youngest son  named after his alleged father Gerald Lakes, and even a dna test had to be done to reveal the secret of who fathered their second child named Sherunda Lakes, Ronnie Sanders stalked the couple's home to reveal the secret to Gerald Lake's that he is little Gerald's real father instead of Gerald, Ronnie sanders intruded into the couple's home and caused a brawl between him and Gerald, the police were called to the scene. The newly weds moved far, far, away on a island that contained a greenery golf scene, to get away from intrusion in their marriage, they purchased a 100 room mansion that sat on 150,000 acres of land, the mansion was so large that it had a ferry boat, ride a central kitchen, security Guards, and a Gardner, the couples hired these employees, there were several parties thrown at this 100 room mansion. Gerald's Mother Mrs. Lakes was a white lady, which always feuded with her African American Daughter in law  Shelia, don't worry Mrs. Lakes is not a racist, she has an young African American friend named Angela, also a 80 year old friend to the end Mrs. Shelly, who started trouble at the couple's wedding, Shelia's mother is named Mrs. Williams who could not get along with Mrs. Shelly or Mrs. Lakes.

"Is The beautiful Lady Gone Forever" is the title of this romance book, because of the several affairs on both parties, lesbian affairs, Spanish internship affairs, African foreign exchange student affairs, and others, after returning home early from a canceled field trip from her job, Shelia found an intoxicated husband in the bed, there was a red negligee by the bed that was not her's, it had a different fragrance.  After refusing to take her cheating husband back, in front of the kids, Gerald put a 45 magnum gun to his head and said, "It is I who have nothing!' He pulled the trigger, "No She screamed," but it was too late the gun misfired twice, he must have had a gang of angels walking with him, I can't understand how a loaded 45 magnum pistol would misfire twice. Get it in the USA today 3 ways, !. get it at my store front here or go to click arrow to books search Larry Toombs allow 5 business days, keep tracking number, the 184 page book will arrive to you US postal mail in 5 business days, unless you chose a faster rate at the tracking will tell you exactly what date and time your book will arrive to you it only cost $15.00 The 3rd way is from your internet go to kindle e book store  click arrow to books, search Larry Toombs see a full detail summary description there down load the digital e book to your smart phones for only $9.99 in seconds, droid, blackberrys, kindle e ink ipod ipad, windows, pc mac and many other smart phones with apps down load in seconds, take it to work with you. All The Best Author Larry Toombs


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