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This is a fun opportunity and I'm extremely glad to be a part of it!  It always leaves me smiling after the show.

Have your storybook read on our show!

To read or have us read your book on our show, "It's Story Time, 'Gather Round" which is on three Saturdays each month at 10am est, 9amcst, 8AM mst & 7AM pst.  The show is 30 minutes long.  We read from storybook writer's from around the world.  US authors have the choice for us to read their book or they can read their own story.  The show is free for listeners and for the author.  All we ask from the author is:

1) Permission to read/have read your book on our show.  Also, the shows are archived--meaning it can be listened to at another time and many times over.

2) Book must be a storybook/picture book and be no more or less than 8 to 10 minutes long when read aloud. No non-fiction or religious books, please. 

3) On the cover page of the show there is a picture slot where five pictures alternate while the show plays.  We ask that you grant or get permission (if you are not the illustrator) to use these pictures.

4) We ask that you send a physical copy of the book to us. We plan to use it in giveaways.

5) It is a free show, therefore we cannot pay any author or illustrator.  What we can do is help get the word out about you and your book through our various media sites and real life.  During the week that your book is scheduled to be read, we will advertise on our various media sites about the show with your book info.  There is also a companion blog site that we share info about the author, where to purchase the book, the time, date, and we attach a link straight to the author's show.

It's a fun show and the connections and listeners grow bigger with each broadcast.  

Here's the link, check us out: 

"It's Story Time, 'Gather Round"

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