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Today we are a new creation
A new heart bursting with love
Ready to spread

hope and faith A new voice
ready to speak
only words of peace

New ears open to
listen to the
wisdom of creation

New eyes gazing
on the loveliness
of the new dawn
This is a new day!
This is a new life!
We are a new creation


My mentor reminds me many times about having balance in my life. You might wonder what he means. To have a full life we need a balance of service, recreation, spiritualty, taking care of ourselves, companionship and to feel loved. I think we can all think of times when we have been way off balance.

I think for many of us ( me included) we may lack in taking care of ourselves. We might do well with service and companionship but what about taking care of our body? What about taking time to make sure our place is clean and being sure we go the Dentist and Doctor when we need to.

When was the last time you had fun? Maybe that’s not a challenge for you, but for many of us it can be. It’s essential to have fun. Just as essential as serving others in some way. That can be our family, in our community, place of worship, or any number of places.

Our bodies will always tell us if we are out of balance. Either emotionally or physically or both. It’s good to listen to our bodies. This week I suggest how we think we are doing in these areas. It might be an eye opener for us.

What does this reflection say to you?

Thought for the day

Today I will join fully in the dance of life!

Creation, sing your
melody of love
through my actions

Let your words be
spoken by me
each day
Let my life be
a dance of
faith and thanks
May your light
shine through me
So your glory is seen
May my life
be a song of
hope and encourage
Your music has started!
The dance has begun!
Sing your song through me!

What a wonderful dance it was today!

I can sleep knowing I lived life to the full today.

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