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Everyone has a kairotic moment, an antepenultimate moment, in which some momentary event changes the way one thinks or creates an idea. That is what happened to me about six months ago when my wife said you need to start writing books. My background, education and research was in the area of theology and philosophy. However with about 3000 pages of notes and manuscripts that I had written over a 25 year period, I realized it was conceivable that some books may be buried in those papers. The first one "The god of the Church Growth Movement" was a research project that turned into a monograph on the relationship of modernity to church growth. The second book "Theological Terms in Layman Language" was a collection of theological and philosophical terms that I defined using plain language. It was on-going for nearly 20 years. I hope I have good health and a sound mind over the next couple of years as I intend to publish 10 to 12 more books.

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