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Kid’s Story

They were reeling in front of me

with heads slanting, left hands

shaking under their balls and

right hands with a first finger pointing

at the heads, in revolving motion,

The bodies in wriggling movements

just like the rooster does

Circling the beautiful hen

before jumping on her

No alphabetical letters can coin the words

To reproduce the sounds which must be like

the noises of their male gods having intercourse

with the sexy female gods.

They always made fun and scorned at anything oriental

You eat with chop sticks

but your black brothers can eat faster than you

they used fingers

The chop sticks were used as drum sticks on the table

The shop owner dared not stop them

for these hooligans had

friends working at high places

and can shut down the shop any moment

The most shameful thing is to carry a lie

and want to force it down

the throats of good people

If their heaven exists

They should go today

It’ll be a million times more comfortable

than Singapura

What’re they waiting for

Just climb up the tallest building

and jump down

A billion wives will be waiting for each of them

How can heaven be short of females?

The one eye jack

who the almighty gods cannot helped

may be cured in heaven

The hospitals there must be more advanced

for the one arm sword man, the gods

will fix him a better arm.

They will suffer inferiority complex no more

Each Jack has a billion girl friends

with countless apples freely floating at any place

He just puts his hand out and say

diamond, and diamond is there

If he says rings, the rings are there

Toilets and bathrooms no longer exist

I shall be in hell forever

because I’m not a believer

Shall I blame Ta Pei Kong?



Copyright © 2004 by Poh Tiong Ho

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