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Review by Lauren S. Smith

Sondra Wright has written a book that's not only for women, but also for the men who love them. 40+ and Fabulous: Moving Forward Fierce, Focused, and Full of Life!, is a book that every woman nearing 40, over forty - or way over 40 can use to find ways to reinvent herself.

Midlife comes as a shock to some women, especially those who have depended on their beauty to open doors and feel good about themselves. But, aging comes with a price. Beauty begins to fade and some may develop problems from living large or just aging, in general.

Wright has built a thriving business in the health and wellness industry and her focus has been on helping women - especially those over forty - reinvent themselves mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.

Women revealed their innermost fears and desires to Wright and time after time, she noticed age was an obstacle that prevented these vibrant and intelligent women from fulfilling their desires. 40+ and Fabulous is Wright's way at putting what she's learned out there for more women to access.

40+ and Fabulous is written differently from most "self-help" books. Wright enlists the words of other, dynamic women to get her point across - that you can be vibrant and vivacious at any age. The featured women's ages range from the forties to into the seventies and each offers tips and insights into how they approach life and are living it to the fullest.

These women cover the changes taking place in over forty women that can make them see themselves as unworthy, dumb or unconfident. The changes can include huge roadblocks such as an illness, divorce, loss and grief -- or more subtle changes such as sagging boobs.

Women can learn to see themselves differently, and reading 40+ and Fabulous can be the catalyst to those new beginnings. The witty collection of stories will make you think as you laugh at how these women made lemonade out of lemons and reinvented their own lives.

A male perspective is included in 40+ and Fabulous, making it different and more insightful than most books that target self-help for women. These men offer their own thoughts about the women in their lives and how they view the aging process.

At the end of each personal excerpt in 40+ and Fabulous, Sondra has included an area where you can jot down your own thoughts called, "What Golden Nuggets Did You Get from This Treasure Chest of Wisdom?" When you finish the book, these areas act as a journal about your thoughts and feelings and you'll want to revisit them again and again.

Reading 40+ and Fabulous should help every woman (and some men) take the challenge to reinvent their own lives. One witty quote from Wright's book especially rings true - "If it droops, work it out or fix it, and go on with life."

Lauren Smith is editor for the Virtual Book Review Network - reviews books by well known bestselling authors and books by soon to be recognized names. This review covers 40+ and Fabulous by Sondra Wright.

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