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Learn how to use Replies and Mentions correctly on Twitter

If you're not already using Twitter, you probably will be soon. It's a terrific way to meet and develop relationships with potential customers as well as other authors, experts, and key influencers in your field or genre.

Earlier this year, Twitter made some changes to the Reply function that many users are not aware of. In the August issue of The Savvy Book Marketer newsletter, learn about the difference between a Reply and a Mention on Twitter, and how to use each of them.

Other articles the August issue of The Savvy Book Marketer include:

* Upcoming book award contests
* Promoting yourself and your book through Facebook
* Learn how to profit from information products
* Last chance for discount on Texas Book Marketing Handbook
* Sources for photos and illustrations

To learn more about using Twitter, check out my new ebook, Twitter Guide for Authors.

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Comment by Susan Klopfer on August 28, 2009 at 3:19pm
OMG what important information. Just subscribed to your newsletter and ordered a copy of your book. Fantastic!! Thank you so much!!! I really like your order method. It seemed to work quite well. Again, thanks for the valuable information. It's going to help me get results with the book that I'm currently blogging, Who Killed Emmett Till? -- just in time.


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