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Let's Have a Contest! The Winner will Receive a Signed Copy of the Mystery Novel "THE POND"

If you have been following the last few posts on this blog you have see that some mysterious things happen in the Mystery Novel "The Pond". There is no explanation to why any of these things have happened...

Now, why not tell me the most mysterious thing that happened to you without out any reasons why they happened.

Just leave your answer in the comment section and I will add to our list as I receive them.

Remember Winner Receives a Signed Copy of "The Pond"
Have Fun and Good Luck!
1)Frogs keep appearing. One was even thrown against the kitchen window.
2)Large Grandfather Clock Falls Down - no one was around the clock.
3)Niece is over for a visit and when she goes into closet the door shuts. Could not get her out right away. The door just would not open and that had never happened before.
4)Chair falls down and again no one was standing by the chair.
5)When I go to work at my desk in the morning, all of my pens and my glasses are gone, I work from home so who is taking my things?
6)I believe in ghosts and entities. If furniture is moving or falling over, someone is pissed.

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