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You can conquer all obstacles by carefully selecting the key words you’re going to use in your title, throughout your content, and insert in the tag section. Your ultimate goal is to boost your name and site higher in the search engine ranking.

How do I optimize my search engine ranking?

Optimize your position in the major search engines:

1.) Register your site.

2.) Supply great content

3.) Select great long tailed key words

Selecting great long tailed key words begins with your title. A catchy title will attract the readers, but may remain invisible to the webcrawlers.

To make both happy, I mix my titles. One day, I’ll think outside the box and supply catchy titles, and then for the next post, I’ll use more descriptive/technical words. Today’s post is created for the former. “Long Tailed Key Words” may sound interesting for those whom are searching for information on key words, but for those whom are reading for entertainment, they may just scan the title and pass it by. Today’s plan is to attract the webcrawlers and boost this post high into the search engines.

Even though my site is registered and I have created great content for both, my objectives are clearly defined in the title itself. A past post (one of my favorite) is called “Turning Nightmares Into Pleasant Dreams”. A catchy title for the reader, but would probably get missed by the webcrawlers. Whereas, “Links: Functioning Blog/Websites” will snag the webcrawlers attention (boosting this article higher in the search engines).

In the www (world wide web), the material is massive. Out there, we’re competing against literally hundreds of thousands of others, all with similar topics. Our ultimate goal is to be noticed by a potential customer. When the potential customer types what they’re interested in purchasing into the google search, we need our name and title of our book to be on the first page of their screen.

How do we get our name/title on the screen of this potential customer?

Our goal is to stand out from the rest and encourage the webcrawlers to scoot our name and book title as high as possible in the search engines.

Carefully, select the right long tailed key words in your title and then repeat these long tailed key words several times in your post or site page. This will give you a boost higher in the search engines, and as a result…drive massive traffic to your site.

Google Keyword Tool

1.) Copy/paste your link of the page.

2.) Google keyword tool scans this page and suggests key words.

3.) Carefully check out the charts. A key word such as ‘marketing’ will receive massive clicks, but it’ll be impossible to compete against all the other bloggers who’ve also used ‘marketing’ as their key word.

4.) Now if you add a string of words or a ‘long tailed key words’, along with marketing, you will see the clicks are still massive, but suddenly (if you select strong key tailed words such as ‘internet marketing tool‘) you’re now the competitor in the race and your rounding the track, passing your competitors.

Using the Google Keyword Tool will help you conquer all obstacles and ‘win the race’. Supplying the selected key words in your title and throughout your post/page will attract the webcrawlers attention….boosting your name/title higher in the search engine ranking.

It’s time to get noticed and bring attention to yourself.

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