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Lust Of Cupids: I Love It. It’s Just So Darn Cute

A Lust Of Cupids By Laurell K. Hamilton

Okay here’s another odd one. This is a short story written by Laurell K. Hamilton . And this has nothing to do with Anita Blake or Meredith Gentry. This entirely is it’s own thing. It’s called “ A Lust Of Cupids’ and it can be found in the Strange Candy short story collection.
So what is it about? Well its about a thirty year old woman named Rachel Ceridian , who is not married and never planned to get married and have a family like her mother wants. But one day as she’s on a walk during her lunch break, she is attacked by a pack of cupids. Why are they attacking her? Because she’s over thirty and has not fallen in love. So she goes on the run dodging and fleeing the arrows of true love because doesn’t want to fall in love.
So what’s the good? Well it just cute. She portrays the cupids as a pack of wolves about to tear he apart while at the same time she describes them as chubby winged babies. And as she runs it’s really hilarious. So nearly is hit by the arrow or true love , she says, “Shit! What did I do to deserve this.” I mean how is falling love so scary. Well actually I take that back now that I look at my parents. But I mean normal people falling in love. It’s not all that bad.
The bad. This is the shortest short story I ever read. I wish there was more. I wish she explained. But clearly she wanted to keep the integrity of it since it’s something she wrote long ago. But I just wish there was more.
Overall, it so darn cute. Every one should read this. If you don’t have ten minute out of your life to read this, then you’re just being silly. Because this is so well done.

Overall Rating: I love it. It’s so darn cute.

4 smoothies out of four.

Overall Rating

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