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Mankind Causing Climate Change Is 9/10ths a Hoax

Man Causing Climate Change Is 9/10s a Hoax! 

Climate change is not a hoax, but it is 90% caused by natural changes in the Earth’s geologic development and not too much affected by the activities of “evil mankind”. The advocates of the theory of man causing climate change tend to “only live in the moment of now” and not see the Big Pattern Picture. Yes, man’s recorded history is a mere three thousand years old, but Earth’s natural history goes back billions of years. 

Ever since the Cambrian Era of Earth’s history (500 million years ago), there have been five major Ice Ages, some lasting millions of years. In that same 500 million year period, there have been several hundred mini-Ice Ages, the last one (well-documented) occurring in the 1700s. Obviously Ice Ages (Climate Change) followed by Global Warming (Climate Change) followed by another Ice Age (Climate Change) repeating itself over 200 times is quite remarkable and indisputable. And how incredible! Climate Change happened over 200 hundred times without mankind’s industry, cars, fossil fuels and CO2 pollution being key factors. 

The Renaissance Period (1200-1400 A.D.) was a time of global warming that followed hundreds of years of much colder temperatures that had previously existed during the Dark Ages in human history. The Renaissance was actually caused by Global Warming. Because Italy became warmer, Venice became a trade capital sending its ships out farther to sea to do business. Ideas were soon shared between cultures because it is always easier to borrow than to invent. It was then easier for Marco Polo to visit China and bring back to Italy new ideas like paper money, gunpowder and spaghetti. 

And because the Earth was still even warmer in Europe in the early 1600s, a unique variety of maple trees could then grow in Northern Italy, thus allowing Antonio Stradivari to manufacture the famous Stradivarius violins. If it weren’t for Climate Change that differentiated the Dark Ages from the Renaissance Period from the Post-Renaissance, those special maple trees and the Stradivarius violin would have never happened. Of course, that 1600s Global Warming was followed by the "Little Ice Age" in the early 1700s. 

Just think about it! Global Warming took Europe out of the Dark Ages and caused the Renaissance; the Renaissance led to the Age of Exploration and Discovery (Columbus, Magellan, etc.); which led to the Age of Enlightenment (Voltaire, John Locke); which led to the Revolutionary War and Democracy Era (Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln); which lead to the Industrial Revolution (Ford, Rockefeller, Edison); which then led to the Age of Science and Technology (Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, etc.). 

If Global Warming did not get Europe out of the cold and miserable Dark Ages, we all right now would probably still be wearing rags for clothes, living in straw and primitive stick huts and riding around in donkey carts if we were rich enough to own one. 

Climate Change adherents claim that CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere is extremely dangerous and is causing Global Warming to occur. Any public school 3rd grader learns that trees and plants breathe-in carbon dioxide and give-off oxygen; whereas, humans and animals breathe-out carbon dioxide and breathe-in O2, a true symbiotic relationship existing between plants and animals. So with the excess CO2 man is emitting into the atmosphere, maybe now the Amazon Rain Forests can be saved because the environmentalists all fear that those jungles are being shrunken and becoming lost.


And oh yes, we keep hearing about the North Pole glaciers dramatically shrinking because of atmospheric CO2, but we never seem to hear from the ecology crowd that the South Pole ice is readily and coincidentally expanding around Antarctica.

A principal factor in causing Climate Change is probably Precession of the Earth’s Axis. The last major Ice Age ended about 12,000 years ago, but every 26,000 years, the Earth gradually shifts from 25 degrees on its right to 25 degrees on his left, thus changing 50 degrees on its axis back and forth every 26,000 years. If the pattern is correct, the Earth is now midway between Ice Ages. ;

Finally, President Trump is absolutely right to get the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord. The Accord is another American taxpayer rip-off/canard where the Obama Administration was to put-up 1 billion dollars to get the Paris Agreement started, and the accumulated funds over time would then go to Third World Countries, which would be another form of worldwide Redistribution of U.S. Wealth (Socialism) at taxpayers’ expense. And of course, other countries would hardly pay anything at all, just like the U.S. is supporting the UN (paying 24% of its budget) while many other countries remain deadbeat contributors, and just like NATO where the U.S. pays 2.1% of our GDP and Germany (a prosperous country) pays 1.1% as only one example. 

And let’s not forget that according to the bogus Paris Climate Agreement, the major polluters of the world, China and India, will get to increase their CO2 emissions for the next decade and a half while the U.S. is expected to decrease emissions, thus giving a significant economic advantage to the world’s biggest polluters over already handicapped U.S. industry. 

So yes, the Earth is 9/10th responsible for its own Climate Changes, and mankind causing Climate Change is at best a 10% hypocritical ruse being perpetrated by countries that either don’t pay their fair share or don’t follow the rules that the world community expects only the U.S. to follow. 

Ever since the Post-WWII Marshall Plan of 1948, the U.S. has been subsidizing France and Germany in the UN, in NATO and in massive annual trade deficits. It's time for countries like France and Germany to pull their own weight and pay their own freight!

Jay Dubya 
Google: Jay Dubya books 

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