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Marked for Murder - Price Drop - $2.99 per Kindle Download

OFFER GOOD MARCH 15 - 22, 2021

One murder leads to another amid racial turmoil in a small southern town.

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Kate Bradshaw arrives in Eden Harbor, South Carolina, to bury private detective Ben Snyder, the long-lost father she never knew. She intends to sell his half of the fledgling business to his partner, Sam Garrett, and return to her home in Philadelphia as soon as possible. That is until Sam tells her that he believes Ben’s death was not an accident, but murder.

Kate isn’t sure she can trust Sam Garrett, who has a shady past and violent tendencies, but she stays and they begin an investigation. As one murder leads to another amid racial turmoil, it becomes apparent that many ugly secrets lie below the surface of this small, seaside town.

“Ms. Guy has managed to write a hybrid cozy/hard boiled mystery, with enough elements of each to satisfy readers. Just settle back and enjoy the ride.” T.M. Sloan

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