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Here are some ideas and suggestions for promoting your book, keep in mind that all ideas below may not apply to your subject matter, but most will!

· Contact a local book club about your book, ask them to read your book as one of their selections and attend their end of the month meeting to discuss the book with the club. Be sure to ask them if their friends might be interested in using your book for their book club too!

· Contact a local nursery/day care/school/magnet school about presenting your book to their students. Be sure to watch for any venues that host a story time event, ask them to read your book at their next story time.

· Sign up for a community event or a festival to promote and expose your book to the community. Be sure to let people know what types of events you are available for. Speaking? Story times? Signings? Presentations?

· Contact your local Chamber of Commerce and let them know they have an author in town. Ask them about any upcoming events.

· Contact the local rotary club (or similar organization) about being their next Guest Speaker. Ask them to sell books after your presentation.

· Have a fitness/healthy living book? Contact your local running groups or race expos about setting up a small table at their next event.

· Schedule a blog tour, click here for more details!

· Contact the local independently owned movie theater about selling books in their lobby on a Saturday afternoon.

· Make 5 phone calls to decision makers regarding scheduling a speaking event.

· Watch for any community newsletter or event programs that might spotlight your book. Most events have a program that is distributed to event attendees, ask them to mention your book in the next program.

· Have you considered doing an event at your bank/financial institution? I have many authors who have done this and they have been successful!

· Mailing out a card? Be sure to place a promotional item for your book inside!

· List the link to your book in our bookstore or your website link in your e-mail signature.

· Have you contacted the local museum? Be sure to ask them if you can sell your books in their gift shop.

· Brainstorm on the organizations in your community that your book is a great fit for! Examples: Alumni group, MOPS, Rotary Club, FCA, Girl Scouts, YMCA, Boy Scouts, etc. Contact your local chapter about attending their next event.

· Have you contacted the local independently owned gift shops in your area about a book signing event? Examples: Cupcake shops, boutiques, gelato shops, ice cream shops, donut shops, barber shops, florists, specialty shops. Start with the locations that have the highest foot traffic for more exposure. Send me a list of 5 locations that you would like for us to contact for you! I need their address and phone number.

· Have a book trailer or an upcoming event? Post it on all of your networking sites. Be sure to set up an “event” on Facebook to invite people to your signing.

· Post photos online. Choose a couple of photos from a recent event or of something that interesting you've seen around town. Then post them on your Flickr, Facebook, blog, or other online account where you share photos. Even busy people will take the time to look at a photo. Just make sure it's not too big so that the photo will easily load. You can use to edit your photo for free.

· Share a helpful article online. Tell your clients and associates about it through your Twitter account, Facebook, email, blog, or whatever you like to use online. If the link is too long, you can shorten it at,, or

Here are some websites that are great for networking and finding promotional ideas and opportunities for you and your book!

Facebook profile and fan page
Library Thing
Author’s Den

Links to review for local festivals and upcoming community events!

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Comment by Amanda Stephan on May 13, 2011 at 3:47pm
Hi Stephen! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
Comment by Stephen L. Brayton on May 13, 2011 at 1:35pm
All great ideas. Thanks!

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