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Sexless marriages are shocking but common. It is difficult and painful for a mate to feel

rejected by the one that was once their lover and partner. Living in a sexless marriage is not only

frustrating, but humiliating and a blow to ones self-esteem. Making love help lovers stay

connected and intimate. Many people in a sexless relationship have ended up doing things they

later regret in search for love and intimacy. For example, have an affair to feel closeness and

brief excitement, and then a feeling of guilt that can lead to anger and distrust and eventually

divorce. However, not all marriages end in divorce.  Married Celibate and Saved is for couples,

especially those who will never rekindle their sexual status and those experiencing a sexless relationship. Wives will relate Alecia feeling rejected and frustrated by a

man that was once her lover. On the other hand, men will relate to Gary’s shame and

embarrassment to talk about his dilemma.


This story captures the true essence of what love is meant to be.

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