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Having been a teacher for five years and an editor for more than sixteen, it’s no secret Mary Verdick loves words. The author of numerous children’s books and stories, this prolific lady has also penned four adult fiction novels. Her latest release, As Long as He Needs Me −a psychological novel of faith, memory, love and the supremacy of time− has garnered rave reviews, most of them five-star. Available in hardcover and paperback, the book can be purchased directly from the author’s website or through online channels such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Books-A-Million. Proactive in marketing, Ms. Verdick has been interviewed by Writers in the Sky, Authors SPC Blogtalk Radio, and ODE. Mary’s live interview with Conneticut Style can be seen on You Tube and you can view the trailer for As Long as He Needs me on her personal blog.

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