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This collusive politician  who is best in fraudulent, manipulates the Indians, Chinese, Kadazans, Malays and Ibans, for his own greedy, evil, and selfish motive.  He is hurting himself more than anyone else because wherever he is he is always tense. He must be ready to wallop again, at any moment. Isn’t this sort of life stressful and painful? Those most horrendous pain and discomfort were cause by his fixed views, prejudices and biases. This old cobra lost his sensitivity. Modern psychiatry and drugs cannot help him. You see all the evils and greed in his eyes and on his face. However, there is only one possible way to cure his disease, if he can imbue his thoughts with no hatred. I back up my comment with the following reports:

Actions and reactions are equal and opposite. Hate feeds on hate.  Thought vibrations of hate,  for example,  curses or tension when meeting a screen of love will be dissolved, like morning mist  after sunrise, or be returned to the person sending them off.

Black magicians collaborate with the asuras to harm others.  But there is a price they need to pay for the service of the asuras, just like the service of the gangsters. Don’t you have to pay for it?  It can be most expensive in the end.

Curses from black magicians cannot work on innocent people.  I was told about the following story by a friend many years ago. There were two rival groups of people in a certain country. Each group had a leader with plenty followers. The weaker group was very jealous of the stronger group and had invited the stronger group to have a competition and the loser must promise to vanish from that location.  They simply wanted to control the whole location. If many people were involved, the situation could get out of control. So it was agreed that only the two leaders would compete.  The time and location was agreed and the members all turned up. The two leaders sat on the ground, face to face about ten meters away. The siren to begin was sounded. One of the two guys was keeping quiet and motionless. He closed both eyes and started to meditate on loving kindness and imbue all those around with love and compassion. Actually, he was transmuting all negative energy and entities into love and harmony

The other guy was chanting some sort of religious  verses and pointing his finger at the opponent all the times, believing his evil energy would travel from his brain, via the heart and through his first finger into the heart of the enermy. He went on for about thirty minutes and suddenly he fell flat on the ground with saliva streaming out from his mouth, gasping and breathing hard.  He got fainted, was unconscious,   and definitely needed medical care. The other guy opened his eyes, approached him and revived him. This aggressor kneed down on the ground and begged for mercy.  He was forgiven and the dispute of the two groups was never mentioned again. Both groups shared that location.

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Comment by Poh Tiong Ho on July 29, 2014 at 10:41pm

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