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Mobile Apps for Prime Numbers for Students

A prime number is a natural number greater than one that has no positive divisors other than 1 and itself. The main difference between prime and composite numbers is prime number has only two factors, 1 and itself whereas the composite number has more than two factors. All odd numbers are prime numbers. 2 is the only even number that is prime. List of prime numbers is 1,2,3,5,7,11 ans so on. Euclid’s proof and Euler’s analytical proof provides the number of prime numbers. Some of the apps related to Prime numbers are Ninja Chicken – Tiny Chicken learns Prime Numbers, Touch the Prime Numbers, Factor Samurai – Multiplication and Division Mastery and many more Prime Only: Prime Numbers are special numbers.They can divide other numbers but they are not divisible (except themselves and 1)The goal is to keep only Prime numbers (2,3,5,7) on the board!The puzzle is posed with some numbers (the “givens “) already filled in.

Is it Prime?: This application serves only one function – to satisfy your curiosity when you wonder whether a given number is prime or not. You put in the number, it says yes or no.Really, that ‘s all it does.

Prime Factorization: This app factorize inputted integer to primes. You can input and factorize any integers under 100 million.App will show below result. The result of prime factorization The number of divisors The sum total of divisors All DivisorsIn addition, you can know which inputted number is “Prime number “, “Perfect Number “, “Multipru Perfect Number “, “Abundant Number “or “Dificient Number “.

Prime Numbers: Instantly check if a number is prime and get factors or find prime numbers within a chosen range with merely a few taps.[Instructions]–Check—Input Number-Click Check or Factorize[Instructions]–Generate—Input a start number-Input an end number-Click Generate

Prime Factors: Scroll through the numbers from 1 to 100,000,000,000. See which numbers are Prime and view the Prime Factors of the Composite numbers.

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