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My Mommy met a man,
and he moved in with us;
I thought he was real nice,
I liked him very much.
He always stayed with me,
when Mommy went to work;
I was only four years old,
I think his name was Dirk.
One day he baked me Cookies,
the kind I really liked;
And as I slowly drank my Milk,
He said, “Now it’s playtime”.
I wondered what he meant,
cause he never did play games;
He said, “This will be fun,
you’ll like the way I play”.
I only got to eat,
two Cookies on my plate;
Before he picked me up,
his touch felt kinda strange.
We went into the Bathroom,
and he took off all my clothes’;
I felt so small and helpless,
and wanted Mommy home.
He put me in the Bathtub,
the water was real cold;
He rubbed soap on his hand’s,
they looked so big and old.
I didn’t like the way I felt,
when he started touching me;
He made me feel like I was strange,
as I cried for my Mommy.
He didn’t say a word,
he just felt me everywhere;
I knew this was a bad thing,
cause it made me really scared.
I tried my best to get away,
but he was big and strong;
I asked him what it was I did,
that was so awful wrong.
Then I heard my Mommy’s voice,
calling out for me;
He stopped what he was doing,
so Mommy wouldn’t see.
All the rest of that bad day,
I stayed in my bedroom;
When Mommy tucked me in that night,
I told her all the truth.
She told me I was lying,
and screamed real loud at me;
I felt so bad and guilty,
as I cried myself to sleep.

Copyright © 2009 Jillian Alexis

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